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Watch a seven-year-old drummer play Slipknot’s ‘Sulfur’ flawlessly on ‘Ellen’

Seven-year-old drummer Caleb Hayes recently appeared on the March 2 episode of The Ellen Show to perform a cover of Slipknot’s ‘Sulfur’.

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The segment kicked off with Hayes performing a shortened version of ‘Sulfur’ to perfection, before sitting down for an interview with Ellen. Towards the end of the interview, Ellen gifted Hayes with a Jay Weinberg signature snare, which the young drummer had been saving up for.

Watch the clip below.

During the interview, Hayes shared that he started drumming at the age of two, following in his father’s footsteps, citing Slipknot as his favourite band. Following the segment, Weinberg, who drums in Slipknot, took to social media to praise the young talent.

“Once again, you’ve made all your big brothers in Slipknot proud! What a way to own the moment, and deliver a fantastic performance. So stoked to see you rip it up on [The Ellen Show], and that you’re heading home with a new snare. Play it hard and often, my friend – I know you will!,” Weinberg wrote on Instagram.

Caleb Hayes first caught the attention of the metal community in early 2020, when a video of him air-drumming at a Slipknot gig went viral. Less than two weeks later, Weinberg brought Hayes onstage at the end of a show to take a picture with him and the crowd, and with the full band backstage.


— Jay Weinberg (@jayweinbergdrum) January 25, 2020

This wasn’t the first time Weinberg – who grew up as a fan of the band, only to find himself replacing Joey Jordison in 2014 – has praised and met his young fans. In 2019, the band invited teen drummer Maren Alford for one of their shows after her cover of ‘Unsainted’ went viral.

In other Slipknot news, the band have announced that their summer shows in Kyiv, Moscow and Minsk are being postponed in light of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

“We take this step in support of our community and in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, for whom the struggle continues, in a new and more terrible form,” the band wrote on social media.

“We also acknowledge that our Russian and Belarusian fans are overwhelmingly untied with the Ukrainians in their fight for peace. The safety and well-being of our global families is, and always will be, our top priority,” they added.

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