Thursday, February 9

Stray Kids release thrilling music video for ‘Venom’

Stray Kids have released an exciting music video for ‘Venom’, a cut from their latest mini-album ‘Oddinary’.

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The clip opens with the group walking up in a strange room, where they’re handcuffed to metal chairs. Changbin eventually gets free and antagonises his groupmates before unlocking a mysterious wall safe. Later in the video, the group fight against one another in an attempt to escape a killer robotic spider that seems to be

“I’m drunk off your touch that captivated me / I want it more, I need it more / This spreading venom, this addictive poison / Any sensе of feeling threatened has disappеared now,” the group sing on the pre-chorus.

‘Venom’ was penned by Stray Kids’ producer unit 3RACHA (comprised of Bang Chan, Changbin and Han), who notably teamed up with American DJ DallasK for the track’s production. It’s the second track from ‘Oddinary’ to receive a full visual treament, following title track ‘Maniac’ late last week.

“This is our first comeback for 2022. It’s been awhile since we released a mini-album,” Bang Chan said of their latest project during a press conference. “With the title ‘Oddinary’, we want to bring the message that everyone has their own ‘odd’ in them, that’s totally and ordinary.”

Earlier this month, Stray Kids announced that their second world tour ‘Maniac’ is set to kick off in South Korea this spring. Following an opening performance in Seoul, the group will perform several shows in the US and Japan between May to July in support of their forthcoming mini-album.

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