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Slipknot partner with ‘The Sandbox’ to create ‘KNOTVERSE’

Slipknot have partnered with the makers of the virtual gaming world The Sandbox to launch KNOTVERSE, billed as “a fully immersive space to host Web3 experiences” curated by Slipknot and their Knotfest brand.

The long-running heavy metal band are said to be bringing their self-curated Knotfest festival brand and media site “into the metaverse” with the partnership, which they first teased last week.

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Establishing “a one-of-a-kind meeting place for heavy music culture in the metaverse”, KNOTVERSE will host an array of Web3 experiences such as unique NFTs, generative collections, metaverse concerts, gaming, fan and festival experiences, unique collaborations, merchandise, new music and real-life events.

Set to be known as KNOTVERSE LANDS within The Sandbox‘s virtual world, Slipknot’s dedicated area will inherit Knotfest’s “dark carnival theme and integrate more than 20 years of Slipknot themes and imagery”.

The team behind The Sandbox, which is described in a press release as “part-virtual real estate, part-amusement park”, will work closely with Slipknot to bring these ‘Lands’ to life within the game’s shared digital space. Snoop Dogg, Adidas and The Walking Dead are among the artists and brands to have already established partnerships with The Sandbox.

Corey Taylor of Slipknot performs on February 11, 2020 in Milan, Italy. (Picture: Francesco Prandoni/Getty Images)

Speaking about the partnership, Slipknot’s M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan said: “When I started playing Quake online in 1999 and Minecraft in 2011, it was another level. But at the time, I couldn’t have Sid scratching next to me, I couldn’t offer visual art to fans. All we could do together was play the game.

“But little ideas like that are not only possible now, they barely scratch the surface. We are listening, we are watching and we are going where our fans are leading us. And if you don’t understand or you’re worried, know that we’re going to help bring our fans along. We are getting in this for all of us, with all of us, and we can’t wait for you to see what we have coming up.”

Sébastien Borget, COO and co-founder of The Sandbox, added: “We’re proud to welcome Slipknot and Knotfest as the first heavy music band to open a home for their community in The Sandbox open metaverse.

“We’re building the future of digital expression and social interactions and this partnership invites a diverse, freethinking new audience to experience the benefits of true ownership where any Slipknot NFT can be used not only in The Sandbox but on any other compatible platform.”

Slipknot are currently readying the follow-up to their 2019 album ‘We Are Not Your Kind’, with drummer Jay Weinberg hinting last month that the band had “turned up the dials on experimentation” in regards to their new music.

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