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SF9’s Rowoon says he isn’t worried if his new K-drama ‘Tomorrow’ succeeds or fails

Rowoon of SF9 has spoken about his hopes for his upcoming K-drama Tomorrow.

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The singer-actor had discussed his experience shooting for the forthcoming fantasy drama in a new interview with South Korean outlet Newsenduring which he revealed that the show’s ultimate success was not something he was particularly concerned about.

When asked whether he was feeling pressure for Tomorrow’s success considering his previous project, King’s Affection, emerged as a hit series, he revealed that this was not the case. “I don’t feel any pressure about results at all,” he said, per translations by Soompi. “Because viewership ratings are something [outside of our control].”

“I feel like if I focus on the message of the drama, that meaningful message will also remain with me,” he explained. “So I try to focus more on the essence of the story than results. In that respect, I think Tomorrow will be a drama that gives me comfort as well.”

Based on a popular webtoon series of the same name, Tomorrow follows Choi Joon-woong (played by Rowoon) who is between jobs, after he finds himself in the middle of an unfortunate accident.

As a result, he comes across two grim reapers Goo Ryun (Kim Hee-sun of Alice) and Kim Ryoong-goo (Yoon Ji-on of Jirisan) – the pair are usually tasked with saving the lives of those who contemplate suicide. Joon-woong’s life takes a turn after he decides to join their team as an apprentice in the underworld.

Tomorrow is slated to premiere next month on March 25 globally on Netflix with 16 weekly instalments, and is directed by filmmaker Kim Tae-yoon (Mr. Zoo: The Missing VIP) and Sung Chi-wook, who also previously co-directed the 2020 fantasy series Kairos.

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