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Rave underneath the wings of a Concorde at Manchester Airport

Two raves are set to take place under the wings of a Concorde jet at Manchester Airport.

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The events will be held in one of the airport’s hangars and will allow ravers to dance around one of the world’s most famous planes, the Concorde G-BOAC.

The first rave will see DJs Dan Shake, Herbie Saccani and Surco residents perform on March 19 before further sets from Crazy P, Sharples and Surco residents on the second night on April 9.

The events are described as an “exclusive extravaganza which will see you move and groove the night away inside a hangar occupied by one of only 18 Concordes left around the world.”

Fans at a rave. CREDIT: Ollie Millington/Getty Images

Each night will run from 5pm (GMT) to midnight with tickets starting at £32, which are available here.

The Concorde G-BOAC is said to have carried the Queen and Princess Diana on numerous journeys as well as being one of only three remaining of its kind in the UK, according to Mixmag.

Meanwhile, a separate rave at Manchester’s Victoria Baths is set to take place later this week.

The series, dubbed “Red Bull Unlocked” will kick off on February 26.

Headlining the night is Afrodeutsche and A Guy Called Gerald. Other local artists also performing include, Mr Scruff, DJ Paulette, Luke Unabomber, Annabel Fraser, Gina Breeze, Ruf Dug and Blasha & Allatt.

Victoria Baths was the host of famous rave nights in the city during the 1980s called ‘Wet’, which were created by the same promoters as The Haçienda club.

The 1000-capacity venue will use eight different rooms to transform the location into a rave venue.

Despite the forthcoming events in Manchester, the UK could soon be left with just 5,000 nightclubs in operation across the country, according to a new study released last month. 

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