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Pusha T explains cryptic Lana Del Rey Instagram photo

Pusha T has opened up about a cryptic photo of Lana Del Rey he posted on Instagram earlier this year.

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The picture, which you can view below, is from Del Rey’s 2017 album ‘Lust For Life’ but it is obscured by a white powder.

The rapper has now explained why he posted it, telling Rolling Stone: “Musically, I think Lana Del Rey speaks to the same subject matter, but just on different ends of it.

“You can hear remnants of drug indulgence and addiction. So it’s like, ‘Man, why not?’ I thought it made sense.”

Del Rey is yet to comment on Pusha T’s remarks and NME has contacted a spokesperson for the singer for comment.

The rapper also said that although he hasn’t collaborated with Del Rey yet, he claims that he was contacted about doing a remix with the singer.

“One of the heads of Interscope called right after the picture came out and asked me to get on a remix,” he added. “I forgot which song, but I’m still waiting for them to send it over.”

Earlier this week, he dropped a new song that took aim at McDonald’s, nearly two decades after the rapper claimed he wrote the famous fast food chain advert jingle ‘I’m Lovin’ It’.

As part of a partnership with rival chain Arby’s, Pusha T dropped ‘Spicy Fish Diss Track’, which ccriticises McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish burger.

Del Rey, meanwhile, recently teamed up with country singers Nikki Lane and Sierra Ferrell, for new song ‘Prettiest Girl In Country Music’.

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