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Olivia Rodrigo has a title and new songs written for her second album

Olivia Rodrigo has revealed that she has a name for her second album and has reunited with her ‘Sour’ co-writer/producer to create new songs.

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The singer-songwriter said in a new interview that “[I] really enjoy the music we’ve been making”, and that despite the success of her 2021 debut album she still writes much of her music in her bedroom.

“I have a title for my next album and a few songs,” she told Billboard. “It’s really exciting to think about the next world that’s coming up for me. I just love writing songs. I’m trying not to put too much pressure on myself…just sort of explore and have fun right now.”

When asked if she is back working with Dan Nigro, her primary artistic collaborator on ‘Sour‘, she said: “I absolutely love working with Dan. We have such a good groove together. We are always sharing ideas back-and-forth and have been carving out time to work together in the studio. The craziness of ‘Sour’ being out in the world was something that really only Dan and I could relate to, and I think that has brought us closer together. I trust him so much and really enjoy the music we’ve been making.”

Olivia Rodrigo. Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for MRC

She added, reflecting on the critical and commercial success of ‘Sour’: “It’s definitely a different experience writing a second album after having a debut that was so well received.

“I still write so much of my music in my bedroom though, and I don’t think that experience will ever change. Writing songs will hopefully always be an outlet for me to process my feelings before anything else.”

Meanwhile, Rodrigo has announced a new documentary that follows the writing of her debut album ‘Sour’. Watch the teaser trailer for Driving Home 2 U (A Sour Film) here.

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