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Listen to Conan Gray’s emotional new single ‘Memories’

Conan Gray has released the latest single from his forthcoming album – listen to ‘Memories’ below.

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It comes after the pop star shared details of his second album ‘Superache’ this month. This was preceded by ‘Jigsaw’ earlier this year along with ‘Telepath’‘People Watching’, ‘Astronomy’ and ‘Overdrive’ last year.

The follow up to his 2020 debut ‘Kid Krow’ will be released on June 24 via Republic Records. All but ‘Overdrive’ are set to appear on the album.

New single ‘Memories’ is a piano-led ballad, in which Gray details his heartbreak, pleading with himself to put it in the past: “Please don’t ruin this for me / Please don’t make this harder than it already is / I’m trying to get over this.”

The video opens with Gray in a state of disarray, surrounded by rubbish, books and a wine bottle. As he walks around his apartment and opens the front door, a dog runs in, quickly becoming a much-needed companion at a difficult time.

Speaking to NME last year around the release of ‘Overdrive’, the pop star suggested the follow-up to his 2020 debut album Kid Krow could tackle some more “existential” topics.

“It’s definitely not the most mentally stimulating time for any writer so I’ve been writing a lot about my past,” he explained. “I’ve also gotten very existential in quarantine, like, ‘Why do I exist? Is fate real? Is there somebody out there that I just haven’t seen yet that’s going to change my life forever?’ I keep having those types of thoughts, so I’ve been writing very existential songs. I’ve been very nostalgic.”

He added: “I’m just a very intense romantic – I will take any small situation and make it gigantic, make it much more than it probably was in the moment. I think that’s what the album is probably going to feel a little bit like.”

Gray is currently in the middle of a world tour, performing across North America before heading to the UK and Europe in May and June. Tickets for his North America tour can be purchased here and UK and Europe here.

Last week, he joined Olivia Rodrigo on stage to perform a cover of Katy Perry‘s ‘The One That Got Away’. The pair performed the track during the Vancouver date of Rodrigo’s sold-out Sour Tour, with Gray joining the singer on stage for an acoustic rendition of Perry’s single.

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