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Listen to Bree Runway’s emotive new single, ‘Somebody Like You’

Bree Runway has today (March 24) shared an emotive new single, ‘Somebody Like You’ – listen to it below.

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Speaking about the track in a press release, Runway described it as “an ode to my future lover, in a generation where love and relationships have become so transactional, I’m still preserving myself for the real thing.

“[On] ‘Somebody like you’ – he is also like me, he will see value in a love that can’t be bought, it simply just is. It can be such an empty, soulless generation but in all of that I am still sure there is a precious diamond in all the dirt for me.”

You can check out the new single here:

Back in February, Runway shared an empowering new single called ‘Pressure’.

Speaking about that track, Runway said: “I’ve been away for a second now, but I’m back to apply exactly what the song title says: PRESSURE.

“I love how this song embodies everything I am. It oozes Africa with the rhythm of the drums, the attitude, the assurance and the fashion.

“I made this song with nights out in mind. You know when you look so good before you head out, and you hope that you bump into an ex or a hater? Yeah, that’s the mood.”

Runway told NME recently that she would love to work with Tame Impala‘s Kevin Parker, calling the psychedelic group’s music “magical”.

During the interview, Runway talked about some of her previous collaborators, including her “lifelong hero” Missy Elliott.

“Missy is now like a great big sister to me – she always has the most encouraging things to say,” Runway said. “I used to think that I didn’t fit the mould of a typical pop star, but she’s always made me feel like I can be fearless within my music.”

She also named some artists she would like to work with in the future, one of which is her “musical hero” Parker, whom she said she would also like to get high with.

“I think Kevin is unbelievably talented,” Runway said of the Tame Impala frontman. “The fact he’s able to write lyrics that have touched so many of us so deeply – and also make all of the music – is magical. Honestly, it’s like he’s not a real human being!”

Runway has just finished up a headline tour in the UK.

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