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Liam Gallagher responds to Mo Gilligan’s BRIT Awards impression of him

Liam Gallagher has responded to BRIT Awards host Mo Gilligan’s recent impression of him.

Gilligan, who made his debut hosting the annual awards ceremony at The O2 in London on February 8, dressed up as Gallagher – wearing a parka, bucket hat and sunglasses – during one skit on the night.

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Approaching a microphone stand in Gallagher’s swaggering on-stage style, Gilligan referenced ‘Wonderwall’, Gallagher’s love for Manchester City and his 2017 solo album ‘As You Were’ while promoting the former Oasis frontman’s live BRITS performance. You can watch the impression below.

Mo Gilligan as Liam Gallagher in BRITs 2022

— Monoton Selçuk Jonathan (@MemurReboot) February 9, 2022

Speaking to NME in this week’s Big Read, Gallagher was asked for his reaction to Gilligan’s impression.

“It’s a good job I’m not a snowflake,” he replied. “But I don’t give a fuck – it was funny, I thought.”

Liam Gallagher on the cover of NME.

However, there was one part of Gilligan’s impression that Gallagher didn’t approve of.

“[Gilligan] turned round and said, ‘It was better in my day’. I’ve never fucking said it was better. It was good in our day – but we just did what we did and now it’s time for someone else to do what they do. I’ve never said that, so he needs to fucking sort that out.”

Elsewhere in his latest Big Read interview, Gallagher spoke about his desire to stop Noel Gallagher from doing “something ridiculous” with their film company and voiced his fondness for Queen Elizabeth II, describing her as “a little Jedi”.

Gallagher also hit out at Damon Albarn’s recent comments about Taylor Swift and declared her to be “fucking cool”.

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