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Jamal Edwards’ family launches The Jamal Edwards Self Belief Trust

The family of the late Jamal Edwards have set up The Jamal Edwards Self Belief Trust in his memory.

The hugely influential SB.TV founder passed away in London last month at the age of 31. Ed Sheeran, Chelsea FC and Dave were among those to pay tribute to Edwards.

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The Jamal Edwards Self Belief Trust has now been launched by his family to “honour [Edwards’] memory and continue his legacy”.

Edwards’ mother Brenda shared a link to a GoFundMe page earlier this morning (March 30), which explains more about the aims of the trust.

“Jamal no longer being here has left a huge impact on the lives of his family, friends and all those he supported and lifted in his unique and humble way,” the page’s accompanying statement reads. “Jamal lived his life staying true to himself, providing a platform for all to showcase what made them special whilst encouraging all to believe in themselves to achieve their full potential.

The Jamal Edwards Self Belief Trust https://t.co/wUKD590Et6 Please RT thanks so much

— Brenda Edwards (@brenda_edwards) March 30, 2022

The Jamal Edwards Self Belief Trust has now been established to “support those causes that mattered most to Jamal”: combatting homelessness, supporting people with mental health issues and providing young people with essential life skills.

“Every Christmas day for at least the last 10 years, Jamal would spend the entire day helping out at a homeless shelter,” the statement continues. “Over 270,000 people are homeless in the UK today. The Trust will look to establish a network of ‘Self Belief’ Houses with the aim of offering individuals who are living rough a roof over their heads. There will be  programmes to help tackle mental health issues they may face as well as the means to get back on their feet. The House will offer specialised programmes designed to address issues of self-confidence and other psychological challenges residents may face.”

The Trust will also focus “its energy and resources” on building The SB Academy, which will “continue the mission started by Jamal of hosting specialised programmes aimed at helping young people from underprivileged backgrounds prepare themselves for adult life, providing them with essential life skills training, supported by an access to industry programme”.

Jamal Edwards (Picture: Getty)

“We are profoundly appreciative of any contribution you can make to the Foundation and we hope we can do Jamal proud by building out these programs to support causes that he cared about deeply,” the statement, which is signed by Brenda, Tanisha and Family, concludes.

You can donate to The Jamal Edwards Self Belief Trust here.

Edwards’ mother Brenda also paid tribute to her late son last weekend with a touching post to mark Mother’s Day.

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