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Jackson Wang unveils new English-language mixtape ‘LOST & FOUND’

Jackson Wang has unveiled his brand-new English-language mixtape, ‘LOST & FOUND’.

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Today (March 7), the Hong Kong-born K-pop idol surprise-released the new eight-track mixtape, comprising old songs he had previously recorded but left unreleased. Notably, Wang co-written the sixth track on the record, titled ‘In My Bed’.

In a tweet from his label Team Wang announcing the release, it also teased that the singer is in the process of “cooking something bigger” for the future. Wang had previously shared last August that he had prepared over 20 new songs for his upcoming solo record.


MIXTAPE consists of some old songs recorded by @JacksonWang852 , we are cooking something even bigger..

— TEAM WANG records (@teamwangofcl) March 7, 2022

‘LOST & FOUND’ comes over two years after the GOT7 star’s debut full-length album ‘MIRRORS’, which spawned the lead singles ‘Bullet to the Heart’ and ‘Dway!’. Most recently, Wang teamed up with f(x)’s Amber Liu on her single ‘Easier’ from her new mini-album ‘Z!’.

Last year, Wang also opened up about his hectic work schedule and what motivated him to keep working hard. “You know why [I’m a busy man]? Because I’m not the best, I’m still working my ass off to become the best, to become someone there,” the singer explained.

In other GOT7 news, Thai member BamBam recently returned with his second mini-album, ‘B’ and its lead single ‘Slo Mo’. The album also included the pre-release single ‘Who Are You’ featuring Red Velvet’s Seulgi.

In a recent interview, BamBam opened up about his experience working with Seulgi, sharing that they had grown close after the collaboration. “She did really well, she worked really hard on this. I learned so much from her, she learned so much from me and now we’ve become besties,” said the K-pop idol.

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