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(G)I-DLE’s Yuqi says she used to be “uncomfortable” with how her voice sounds

(G)I-DLE’s Yuqi has opened up about her insecurities about the way her voice sounds and how she learned to love it more.

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In a recent interview with Indian entertainment television channel Zoom, the Chinese K-pop idol spoke about how she felt “disappointed” about her voice during her younger days, especially when some would say she sounded like a boy.

“Before I came to Korea, I felt kind of disappointed [and] uncomfortable about my voice, because everyone would say, ‘sometimes she sounds like a boy’,” the vocalist explained.

However, Yuqi then said how working with (G)I-DLE leader Soyeon helped her appreciate her voice more. “But after I came to this group, and Soyeon, especially our leader, she really know[s] how to make my voice better and get everyone [to] like my voice and I really appreciate it.”


“I think, in my opinion, my voice is a kind of diamond, maybe?” Yuqi enthused. “I really love my voice.”

Earlier this month, Yuqi opened up about the girl group’s bond and the hardships she faced while promoting on her own in China previously. “I realised how difficult it is to promote alone while [doing so] in China during [(G)I-DLE’s] break,” she told Dazed Korea.

After returning to South Korea late last year, Yuqi revealed that she felt best when her fellow members of (G)I-DLE were all together as a team. “We need to stay together to survive,” she concluded. “I think this phrase suits (G)I-DLE the best.”

Last month, (G)I-DLE released ‘I Never Die’, the group’s first-ever studio album since their debut in 2018. Notably, it is also the first project they’ve released since former member Soojin’s departure from the group in August 2021.

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